McDougall Tech ASM
McDougall Tech ASM is a driver that takes advantage of the ASCOM Safety Monitor Class and has been signed to be used with Tektite Skies.

The McDougall Tech ASM driver will monitor a user selected folder for a file named "IsSafe.flg". Should the file "IsSafe.flg" appear, the ASCOM Safety Monitor will be activated, causing the imaging control application to react in a specified manner.

For example:
If Tektite Skies detects a cloudy condition, McDougall Tech ASM will tell your imaging software that is no longer safe to image. This can be seen in the video below.

This driver is not limited to use with Tektite Skies. Simply, the controlling application or script will need to create and delete a file named "IsSafe.flg" in the driver selected folder.

This driver has no cost, but it takes a few beers and time to write these kind of things, so donations are greatly appreciated.