Time Source
TIme Source is a software program that assists with capturing long term time-lapse image sequences, such as solar activity or planetary surface rotation.
Its features rival the more expensive software currently on the market, and retains simplicity and usability.

Features Include:
  • Specially designed for the world renowned Imaging Source cameras
  • Utilises the ASCOM 6 Platform
  • Automated video adjustment when using filter wheels to maintain dynamic range of the image
  • Best used to generate a time lapse image of solar objects
  • Ability to save last settings for each individual object
  • Capture BMP or AVI images for stacking

This software is suited for capturing images for Tektite Skies.


The Time Source software can be downloaded free of charge from the Download page. Donations are always welcome and appreciated, but not compulsory. Should you wish to contribute, please use the PayPal button below:

Current Version
Resolved Single Feature trigger failure
Changed user interface
Bug fixes