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Tektite Skies
(formerly known as Moondance)

Yahoo Group: TektiteSkies

Welcome to the next generation in clear sky detection. How would you like to go to bed on a cloudy night and be alerted to clear skies by email or buzzer? How about being alerted when clear skies have been detected at your remote observatory? Tektite Skies can analyse any .FIT, .bmp or .jpg image, be this stored on a local folder or at a website address. When operated locally, Tektite Skies will analyse the images from a webcam with your selected capture software will update a picture file. But when operated over the internet, Tektite Skies will download an image once a minute to process.

  • Able to analyse BMP and JPG image formats
  • Highly adjustable settings and display options
  • Save settings for individual locations
  • Able to detect stars,clouds and saturated pixels
  • Can send an email or sound an alert when clear skies have been detected
  • Designed to avoid “sucker holes”
  • Works with both monochrome or colour images
  • Highly reliable
  • Crash recovery
  • Save analysed images
  • Save a CSV file for chart generation
  • Start and Stop Times
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Run scripts upon alert (Retired Version 4)
  • Monitor remote locations via internet
  • Monitor .FIT files
  • Optional ASCOM Safety Monitor interface "McDougall Tech ASM"

Tektite Skies is both time limited and feature limited without an unique code, to obtain a code simply;

1. Download Tektite Skies
2. Pay $30 US via the PayPal button provided.
3. Send an email with your ID number as displayed in “Tektite Skies” unique code dialogue;
4. The key will be provided within 5 business days. This will unlock all options.

4.0 (19 May 2018)
Replaced camera interface, cameras interface is now limited to ASCOM
Bug fix - FITT and fitt files will now be recognised
Retired script function
Other bug fixes

3.11 (13 Aug 2016)
Numerous bug fixes

3.9 (25 Mar 2016)
Load profile upon at startup:
1. Have "camera control" and "application start" open and enabled if it is desired to run these at startup
2. Save the new profile
3. Click "Load selected profile upon startup"
4. Select the profile that you wish to open at start up and click open
5. Click Apply
Save images from camera control
Set the interval image rate

3.8 (26 Oct 2015)
Changes to Camera Control to remove confusing language.
Repaired GUI bug that would not update status.
Changed unique code wording
Fixed bug that prevented jpg from being displayed when monitoring a folder for the latest image

3.7(23 Sep 2015)
Repaired issue introduced in last version
Rewrote Camera Control in effort to eliminate freezing with high frame-rate cameras

3.6 (29 Aug 2015)
Removed email alert upon loading of settings
Modified frame capture method, to prevent inundation of images, when used with high frame rate devices
added new monitoring method, tektite skies will now look for the lastest user selected image type within a folder

3.4 (8 Aug 2015)
partial no longer awarded when not clear or cloudy
repaired cross over warning alert
Added email test button
moved console alert sounds to background application to reduce thread work
changed wording on clear detection pop up to avoid confusion

Added cross over alert, label for warning and mouseover. This is to prevent both the user settings that result in clear and cloudy being valid alerts at the same time
Added tool tip to hidden label away from warning message
Fix bottom toolbar
add descriptions to modes (clear, cloudy and dual)

Altered ASCOM to show issafe on partial conditions as well as clear

Add Ascom safety monitor intereface
Delete issafe on closing app

V3.0 Release

Corrected condition assessment for star only

Repaired bug that caused false application starts

Repaired bug that caused the working folder to revert to default if an option wasn't selected

Save of selected voice alert strings
Application Start is now one shot
Applications Start now saves as .dat file
Repaired Application start bug that prevented the user applications from being loaded
option dialog populated with user settings after first run

camera control now stops video from a previous camera instance prior to opening new instance
Hidden auto-exposure checkbox
added about form and license form
Removed stop button from application start
Donate option removed

Camera Control will capture an image upon enabling
analyse file error due to beta 0.5 changes resolved
Renamed interval capture to enable interval capture
deleted "recent image" output file

Renamed from settings to profile
Created new options form for global settings

Fixed screen resize bug
Fixed application start on load bug
Fixed Camera Control selected item drop value

V 2.3
Fixed bug null folder bug that issued an incorrect file name
Fixed Show image bug that prevented an image being shown open load
Fixed Camera Control that prevented camera from being shut down
Fixed bug - null rain repeat iterations
Fixed big that places a file location in the web address box

Save included for Voice and Email Details
Calibration tab activates "show image" checkbox
Email no longer limited to a single alert per run
Added User control for email host details
beeps removed from start and stop timer
Cloud brightness no longer hidden
Crosshair Form removed and dependance on powerpack with it
Alert tab settings right anchored
Waiting button now flashes whilst waiting
Application report not generated whilst calibrating
Inhibit projected star count for values greater the 90% of clear sky

Version 2
New User interface
bug fixes
Automated Calibration

10.0.040 Bug fixes
Added Alert when becoming cloudy
Changed cloud detection assistant routine Bug Fixes;
Description and validation error repairs Original Release

Demo Image

Demo image